Paintings that change the world around you

Art cures

When people talk about art, they most often refer to expression of creativity and understanding of beauty. But art is much more than just that. It taps into the sphere of feelings and that also goes backwards. When you are filled with a certain emotion and can’t seem to cope with it, one of the best ways to do it is through art. You can spend months pining away over a photo of a girlfriend that broke up with you or you can write a song about it and you’ll feel much better! At least you’ll have a great song to win the heart of a new girlfriend 🙂 You see, not only can art help us express our anger and pain, but it can also cure them. It is also great in uncovering repressed memories and dealing with them once and for all. The same applies to positive feelings. Remember how high you feel when you are in love? Words don’t always suffice to convey the entire palette of emotions you experience. But art doesn’t care about accurate definitions. It finds other, subtler ways of transforming what you feel into images, sounds and poetic lines. So if you have a talent for any kind of art, don’t just let it slide! Do it, even if it’s merely a hobby of yours!

Color therapy

Art can also cure you even if you simply look at it. It’s not just a popular belief, but also a scientifically proven fact. It has been discovered that certain color and shape combinations can have various effects on our psyche. For instance:

  • Red is lively and stimulating, it is known to increase the pulse rate and is therefore associated with passion.
  • Yellow is the color of optimism that can boost your mood and self-esteem.
  • Green is the color of balance that immediately relaxes us and restores our inner resources.
  • Blue affects us mentally giving us clarity of thought and inner serenity.

All these effects can be seen in paintings by Leonid Afremov, a wonderful artist whose works will instantly take all your bad thoughts away and make you look at the bright side, both figuratively and literally speaking! My acquaintance with him started from a painting here called ‘Suppressed Memories.’ I was stunned by the choice of colors and the incredible style of the painter. His works are so vivid and spontaneous! And the depicted scenes are so inspiring and reassuring! You definitely need to catch a glimpse of his paintings if you are fascinated with the genre of cityscape. He has plenty of those in his online gallery!

image (4)

Build, destroy and mess things up!

Do you like board games? I think it’s a great way to spend a Friday night. I have my university friends coming by every week to play this amazing game The goal is to build a city consisting of eight districts playing as different characters. Each character has a certain ability – for instance, Assassin can kill other players, Architect can build three times as many districts others and Warlord can destroy them. Each building costs a certain amount of money received at the beginning of each round and collected throughout the game from districts of certain color. To win, you can build your eight districts as soon as possible and also choose the most expensive you can get. At the end of the game, the value of all districts is added up and, together with all the bonuses, those are translated into points. A player with the biggest amount of points is the winner. It sounds kind of complicated – and it also seems so when you just start playing. But after a while you get the hang of all the nuances and start testing different strategies to take over. It takes some time until you learn to balance all the aspects, but it’s insanely fascinating! If you are a fan of board games, I totally recommend this one!


Hi everyone!

My name is Andy Sullivan and I hope I won’t ditch this blog like the rest I started 🙂 I’m from New York and living here is no bed of roses. Aside from my studying at the university, I had to find two part-time jobs to make a living. I study art and it comforts me that at least one of my job is about painting… walls 🙂 Well, I don’t think all famous artists started out creating masterpieces. We all have to go through certain hardships to forge our character… I hope very soon I’ll be painting on canvas, not on plaster 🙂